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Essential Readings


Select your reading and check out using PayPal. Please describe your situation/question in the "Notes to Seller" field of PayPal. 

I will contact you to determine your preference of email or text delivery of the reading (or you can send me your preference in the "Notes to Seller" field of PayPal).

You will receive your reading within 24 hours!

Feel free to contact me before or after you receive your reading if you have questions or would like further clarification about your reading!


Descriptions of Readings

The One-Answer

(One-Card Reading)

The One-Answer reading is very helpful when you need to receive a simple, short answer or quick advice for a question you have.

Beauty, Truth, and Light

(Three-Card Reading)

This reading is designed to gain clarity and truth relating to a problem or a situation. It will help you to see things from a positive point of view! 

The Beautiful & Ugly

(Three-Card Reading)

Do you want to get to the core meaning of something or someone? It is ideal if you are inquiring about the qualities of a person you've just met or a situation that has manifested.

The Mirror Within

(Three-Card Reading)

The Mirror Within reading is one that you should work with when you want to tap into or know what a person feels and thinks, and their intentions toward you.

Mind Over Heart

(Three-Card Reading)

This reading is helpful for times when you hear a voice or have a gut feeling telling you something, but you ignore it. Choose this reading if you are feeling stuck!

30-Day Outlook

(Five-Card Reading)

This reading is designed to help you have an overall and general outlook for the current month. Each card will give you an idea of what to expect for each week as well as the final outcome for the month.

The "Quick and Dirty" for Decision-Making

(Seven-Card Reading)

If you are in need of making a decision, this is the reading for you! It is perfect for that thing or person that you cannot stop thinking about no matter what! This spread will reveal hidden issues and future influences to help view your situation with more clarity. The cards will help to describe the best path to follow, obstacles to avoid, and the attitudes around you.

The Celtic Cross 

(Ten-Card Reading)

This spread will reveal the key attitudes and influences around you. The cards will unveil:

  • Your current circumstances;
  • What is crossing or complementing you
  • The best you can expect at present
  • The hidden factors around you
  • Past events influencing the present
  • Advice for your next move
  • How you see yourself; what you can do
  • Your environment
  • Hopes and fears
  • Potential outcome

The Dream Star

(Seven-Card Reading)

If you'd like to discover whether or not your hopes and dreams will materialize, this is the spread for you. This spread will shed light on your current situation, emotions, and beliefs. You will receive insight about the heart of the matter, your hopes and dreams, the unconscious aspects (what is hidden and what will surface), and a potential outcome.

The Prophecy

(24-Card Reading)

This spread will help you look in detail at twelve life aspects that correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac. This spread will also be useful as a predictive reading for each month for the year ahead.

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