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Love & Romance Readings


Select your reading and check out using PayPal. Please describe your situation/question in the "Notes to Seller" field of PayPal. 

I will contact you to determine your preference of email or text delivery of the reading (or you can send me your preference in the "Notes to Seller" field of PayPal).

You will receive your reading within 24 hours!

Feel free to contact me before or after you receive your reading if you have questions or would like further clarification about your reading!


Descriptions of Readings

Have I Met "The One?" 

(Six-Card Reading for New Love)

Are you wondering if it is time to invest emotionally in a new relationship? Will it last, and will it be worthwhile? To give you the insight you need, this reading will look at your current situation as well as the other person's feelings. In addition, the reading will summarize the most likely outcome. ​​

Cosmic Love or Catastrophe?

(Seven-Card Reading for Love Complications)

This is a great spread for illuminating love complications. This reading will highlight those really intense personal connections we experience from time to time- when the bond between you and your partner is so powerful that it is almost overwhelming. Choose this reading if you need to know whether your high-octane love will last or burn out in a fiery blaze!

Does S/he Feel the Same?

(Nine-Card Reading for New Love)

This spread is useful in providing insights into your relationship. The spread will show your perspective and your current, former, or prospective partner's attitudes and feelings. (Spirit knows who you are thinking of!) The reading will also summarize where your relationship might go and the likely outcome.

What is S/he Doing Now?

(Five-Card Reading)

After a breakup, many people want to know about the present situation of their ex. This reading will shed light on what your ex is doing now and whether it's in your highest good to become involved with this person again. 

Will Love Grow?

(Five-Card Reading for New Love)

The fleur-de-lis is a trifold symbol of mind, body, and soul; when we are in love, we love with the heart, the body, and the spirit - all three at once. In this layout, the cards form the shape of the lily to divine how your relationship might flourish.

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